Immigrant Information

About New Zealand

New Zealand is a highly sought after global destination because the political and economic environment is stable, our climate is not too hot or too cold, we have a small but dynamic free market export led economy. With only 4.5 million English speaking tolerant people, New Zealand offers a multicultural clean and green environment, a safe rewarding world class educational environment in which to raise a family.

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About Australia

Australia is popular destination globally of some 24 million people. The political and economic climate are stable. Australia is a large continent and its mineral resources are an important part of the nations wealth. Australians are tolerant people, generally very welcoming to new immigrants that respect the Aussie way of life and embrace the opportunities available to all.

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Immigration Advisory Services

Campbell & Partners are not licensed immigration consultants. Although each immigration application is unique to you and your circumstances we are familiar with the NZ and Australian immigration regulations for skilled migrants.

In our experience it is always advisable to appoint a licensed immigration specialist to act on your behalf, someone that has a strong working relationship and experience with the NZ and Australian immigration departments. We work with licensed immigration consultants in New Zealand and various parts of the world. Should you require assistance in finding a suitable representative to help you with your application please advise.

Qualifications Assessment

If you plan to live in New Zealand, you may need to get your international qualifications recognised so you can work, study or apply to emigrate to New Zealand.

NB If you have no formal automotive industry apprenticeship training or trade qualifications but you can provide several years of documented evidence of hands-on experience with previous employer references, product course and training certificates you may still be eligible to work in New Zealand.

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